Sai Punyatithi Utsav celebrated at Sai Sadhana Kendra, Raingini, Bandora, Ponda-Goa.

Sai Punyatithi Utsav celebrated at Sai Sadhana Kendra, Raingini, Bandora, Ponda-Goa.

On 8th  October 2019 Sai Punyatithi Utsav was celebrated by the Sai devotees of Goa at Sai Sadhana Kendra Raingini, Bandora, Ponda-Goa. Kakad Aarti was performed in the morning followed by reading and discussion on chapter 11 of Saisatcharita. At 11.00 a.m. a programme ‘Aarati Saibaba’ based on Babas Aarti’s  was held. Five groups of the devotees took part in the programme.

Each group presented the meaning of one Aarti to the devotees in a unique manner and thereafter devotees present for the programme were asked to experience the bliss while listening to the Aarti being sung by the musical group. Devotees thereafter narrated their experiences. Everyone felt blessed for getting an opportunity to be the part of the programme. “Shidha” was presented to Baba in the afternoon by picking up lots in the background of Sai Jaijaikar and Baba preferred to accept the Shidha from the hands of devotee Mr. Naresh. Mahaprasad was distributed to all the devotees after presenting Shidha. In the afternoon session mementos were presented to the participants of the programme “Aarti Saibaba”. Mr. Amrish and Mr. Prasad were felicitated in the session for explaining to the devotees in unique manner the process by which Sai devotee can attain the “supreme bliss”.

Mr. Amrish said, Baba expect from the devotee that they will hand over to him the enemies (i.e. Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Ahankar, Moha etc) exists within the devotees and if devotee is able to deliver these enemies to Baba, in return Baba will grant a supreme bliss to the devotee. The programme was organised by Sai Sadhana Trust.

Please have a look at the glimpses of “Sai Punyatithi Utsav” shared below:

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