Guru Pornima ustav

Guru Pornima ustav


(The Gurupoornima celebration at Sai Sadhana  Kendra Raigini Bandora.)

In Chapter No. 21 of the Sai Satcharit, Baba has given clear instruction to his devotees to be the seeker after the truth and be anxious and eager to cultivate the Nine types of devotion (Navavidha Bhakti ) than the devotee will attain stability and peace of mind. Keeping this instruction in mind, Sai devotees of Sai Sadhana Kendra decided to celebrate this year’s Gurupoornima with the theme “ Navavidha Bhakti”  and by Baba’s grace it is realised to the devotees that while  celebrating the Gurupoornima, devotees have touched all nine types of devotion in the following manner:

  1. Sharvan

Devotees got to hear many Baba’s Leela and the experiences shared by the devotees during the programme and were much pleased and satisfied on hearing them and their devotion increase many folds.

  • Kirtan

Nine devotees presented their views on Navavidha Bhakti with the help    of Baba’s Leela and by narrating their own experiences. The effect on the minds of audience was electric which helped the audience to increase their devotion or love towards Sai. Everyone in the audience appeared charged within Sai devotion.

  • Smaran

 Throughout the Gurupoornima celebration devotees were seen doing Sai     Naamajapa.

  • Paada sevan

It was all together different feeling for the Sai devotees at Sai Sadhana Kendra when devotees were touching the feet of each other as if touching the feet of their Sadguru Sainath by keeping aside ones ego.

  • Archan

Early in the morning, devotees worshiped their Sadguru’s by performing kakad aarti,  Pooja and aarti in the evening. During the Pooja devotees offered to their Sadguru different dishes, Shawl, scent, fruits etc.

  • Vandan

Devotees were seen greeting each other by their folded hands and by uttering ‘Jai Sairam’.

  • Dasya

Devotees were seen eager to serve their Sadguru during the celebration. Indeed they carried out all the preparation work even by taking leave from their work and that too whole heartily and willingly.

  • Sakhyaa

There was feeling among the devotees that, their Sadguru is moving along with them. Many devotees performed devotional dance by singing the glory of their Sadguru and while they were singing, Sadguru Sainath also appeared in the portrait placed at the centre of Sai Sadhana Kendra and thus acknowledged their love, worship and devotion. During the programme ‘Navavidha Bhakti’ one stray dog at once rushed into the Sai Darbar and started waving its tail according to the rhythm of the music. Devotees realised that, Baba has arrived in the form of dog and the host of Gurupoornima Miss. Vidhya gave hug to the dog forgetting everything and displayed to the audience “Sakhyaa” form of devotion.

  •  Atmanivedan

This form of devotion although is one of the difficult form of devotion and cannot be exhibited, but still from the gestures of the devotees it appeared that they were quite humble which is one of the sign of surrender of self.

Indeed this year Gurupoornima Utsav was one of Baba’s leela through which baba imparted practical knowledge of Navavidha Bhakti and therefore many devotees experienced The Bliss of Heaven’ in Gurupoornima Utsav 2019.

          ………Om Sairam


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