Hundred years back a parcel of good mangoes from Goa was received at Shirdi in the name of Shama to be offered to Baba, out of which only four were retained and placed in the Kolamba (pot) by Baba and said “these four fruits are for Damuanna, let them lie there”. Two hours after the receipt of Mango parcel, when Damuanna reached the Dwarkamai for worshipping Baba, Baba further said “though other people are looking for the mangoes they are Damya’s. He whose they are should eat and die. Damuanna, on hearing these words was first shocked, but on Mhalsapati explaining to him that, death meant the death of ego and to have it at Baba’s feet was a blessing. Over hundred mangoes were offered to Baba by the devotees today at Sai Sadhana Kendra. Co-incidentally 12th May is the day of the first Anniversary of Sai Satcharit Parayan Kendra opened at Balli Salcete-Goa, at the residence of Mr.Damu. During the opening ceremony of the Balli Sai Satcharit Parayan Kendra also devotees had offered huge quantity of Mangoes to Baba. It was also the birthday of Mr. Damu. Early in the morning today a thought crossed Damu’s mind that, it will be the pleasant moment for him on his birthday and the first anniversary day of his Parayan Kendra, if Baba shows his leela in the satsang at Sai Sadhana Kendra and exactly happened the same. Mr. Jainath offered to Baba the branches of eleven Mangoes and tied it on the top of the Baba’s Portrait. He disclosed in the satsang that eleven mangoes meant the eleven promise of Baba. It is further informed in the satsang that, once Damuanna had one question in his mind when he sat at Baba’s feet along with many other devotees and the question was  “THERE ARE SO MANY CROWDING TO SAI BABA. DO THEY ALL GET BENEFIT FROM HIM?”

To this baba replied “look at the mango tree in blossom. If all the flowers become fruit, what a splendid crop it would be. But do they? Most fall of (either as flowers or as unripe fruits) by wind etc. very few remain”.

This is that exact message Baba wanted to pass on to his devotees present today for the satsang at Sai sadhana Kendra. By today’s Amraleela Baba has alerted his devotees that, if they do not stick to Baba’s the instructions they would be out of Sadhana in the same way as flowers or unripe mango falls off the tree.

Mrs. Nital and Guru presented in the satsang the Sai Bhajans composed by themselves in their melodious voice. In this manner Baba has fulfilled the wish of Mr. Damu on his birthday and the anniversary day of his SaiSatcharit Parayan Centre by showing Amraleela having connection with his name and making arrangement of Sai Bhajan’s to make it more joyful.

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