Mast. Vedang got an opportunity this year unexpectedly to be a host for the Ramnavmi Utsav Celebration 2019. He was told to perform Ramnavmi Pooja at 5:00 a.m. on the day of Ramnavami itself as the host who was already finalised by picking up lots informed at the last minute that, he is unable to perform the pooja on account of the death in his family. Kakad Aarti began at 6:00a.m Mrs. Jyoti led the devotees in singing Kakad Aarti.

While singing aarti Baba appeared at different places in the portrait installed for Pooja and devotees present enjoyed the bliss of the early Morning Kakad Aarti. They were not ready to leave the Kendra even after finishing Pooja so they continued singing sai bhajans and it climaxed into the devotional dance (Dindi). Female devotee Mrs. Neetal had high regard and love for Baba, She sang very good songs. While dancing, she became emotional all of sudden and fell at Baba’s feet saying ‘Baba’ in loud voice and tears began to flow from her eyes. Other devotees began to wonder at her Joyful Mood but were not able to guess its Cause. When asked she said Baba appeared before her and raised her palm to bless her. After hearing this from Mrs. Neetal devotees were reminded of Leela shown by Baba in the year 1916 when Chennai’s Bhajani Mela performed before Baba in Dwarkamai.

It so happened that, when the noon-day Aarti was going on Baba was much pleased with faith and devotion of one female member of  Bhajani Mela and gave her vision of her  Ishta (chosen) deity.i.e. “SHRI RAM”.

In the evening session “The Sai Sadhana Championship -2019” a programme based on Sai Satcharita was held.  All together Five Sai Satcharit Parayan Kendra’s tookpart in the contest. Sai Satcharit Parayan Kendra No.11 won the Championship by giving all correct answers to the questions asked in the championship.

Mrs. Tanvi narrated her experience. She said while Sai Sadhana championship 2019 was going on she saw Baba appeared on the backdrop banner as if shining sun just above the sea level. She felt like it is Baba who reigns over the function and because of which the Sai Sadhana Championship is running smoothly. Next thought came in her mind that, the electric current will not go off until Baba is there on the backdrop banner. Everything went smoothly without any interruption but at the end of the programme she saw Baba’s face immersed in the sea water up till forehead as if Baba has given her hint that, now electric current will go off and exactly happened the Same thing soon after programme finished current went off.    

Mr. Damu was the anchor of the programme. Devotional Musical programme was performed under the guidance of Mr. Chandrashekhar, Mrs. Trupti performed Kirtan and the programme concluded by aarti and distribution of Prasad.

………Om Sairam


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