Baba’s Leela part-2

Baba’s Leela part-2

How Baba’s temple was built in Madkai

As mentioned in the previous leela, Shantaram A. Naik hailed from Madkai, Goa (Ponda District). Here, he built a small temple of Baba. Let us read how this happened.

Early one morning, he had a dream of a small temple that was being constructed. He saw himself inside the temple worshipping Baba’s idol with all rituals like a priest. The next morning, he had the same dream, but in this dream, Baba was standing in place of the idol and Shantaram was standing in front of Baba. Baba was looking at him with absolute benevolence. At that moment Shantaram was entreating Baba, “Baba when I construct this temple of yours, please ensure that I don’t have to beg for financial aid from other people.” From that time onwards Shantaram started putting away a fixed sum of money from his wages.

A few years later, Shantaram had a dream wherein he again saw a small temple being constructed. This time, he was helping the workers. Inspired by this dream, he went in search for the place that he had seen in his dream vision. Surprisingly after much search he found that such a place existed in Madkai, the town where he was born. Excited, Shantaram immediately made inquiries about the plot of land and requested the owner to sell it to him. The owner readily agreed and in this way the land came into his possession.

Soon thereafter, he saw another vision of the temple. This time, Shantaram got an architect to draw up a plan according to the temple that he had seen in his dream. With this plan of the lay-out in hand, he went to Shirdi and placed it on Baba’s Samadhi. Shantaram prayed to Baba: “Baba I can beg for anything from you without hesitation. However, when I start building your temple, please ensure that I do not have to spread out my hands and beg from other people to give me donations.” Saying this, he returned home.

On 22nd January 1976 he commenced the work of the temple. On 8th July 1978 Baba appeared in his dream and said, “Henceforth become the slave of only one.” At first, Shantaram couldn’t understand what Baba was trying to convey to him. Finally, he understood that Baba meant that he should serve Him and Him alone. So, he decided to take early retirement and live on his pension; but since he was just 45 years old and had served for only 22 years, he was not eligible for pension. However, in September ’78, a new law was passed that any individual with 20 years of service was eligible for pension. He was very glad to learn of this and immediately retired from his post.

In January 1979 the temple was completed, and a small idol and padukas of Baba were consecrated and placed in it. Following this, Shantaram devoted his entire time to doing various rituals and worship in the temple. This is how Baba blessed him and granted his desire to build a temple.

Ref.: Prasad, Volume 33, No. 9, August 1979.

*Source : Baba’s Divine Manifestations compiled by Vinny Chitluri, For all books by Vinny Chitluri contact Nagaraj @ 9902388699 or Sada Ghode @ 9822856666 / 9975455835 in Shirdi.

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