(A report Satsang on 03/03/2019)

Sai movement in Goa is taking momentum through the Sai Satcharit Parayan Centres. Young Sai devotees are seen taking interest in propagating teachings, instructions and advices of Saibaba of Shirdi by opening Sai Satcharit Parayan Centres at their residence and taking up the chapter of Saisatcharit for discussion on the fixed day of the week. So far 30 centres have been opened throughout the State of Goa.

30th Sai Satcharit Parayan centre opened on 03rd March 2019 at the residence of Mr. Chandrakant Naik at Tarvalem, Shiroda, Ponda-Goa, just before the inaugural ceremony started, one devotee Mrs. Kalindi said while discussing about the Sai Satcharit Parayan Centre opened at her residence that, although she is conducting Sai Satcharit Parayan at her residence, she had not visited Shirdi even once and she was feeling sad for that. Upon which other devotee informed her that, the moment she had opened Sai Satcharit Parayan Centre, she has converted her residence into Baba’s Dwarkamai and her residence itself has now become Baba’s dwelling place. Therefore she need not visit Shirdi to have Darshan of Saibaba. She was further informed by the devotee that, to remove the misunderstanding of those who thought that Baba was only his body-three cubits and a half in length, he incarnated himself in this human form, and if any devotee meditated on him day and night, with complete self-surrender, he experienced complete union with him, like sweetness and sugar.

Then after satsang of the opening ceremony started and the first saikatha told was about sending devotee Mr. Mankar to Macchindragad by Saibaba when he had gone to Shirdi to enjoy bliss of Baba’s company. Baba asked Mr. Mankar to practice meditation trice a day in the Macchindragad. As ordered by Baba Mr. Mankar went to the Macchindragad and upon meditating there Baba appeared before him in person and removed the misunderstanding of Mr. Mankar that Baba is in Shirdi only and nowhere else. Mr. Akhil narrated the surrounding of the Macchindragad where Mr. mankar was sent by Baba for meditation as found mentioned in chapter 31 of the Sai Satcharit. Co-incidentally devotees in the satsang were also pleased with serenity, healthy air in the surrounding of the 30th Sai Satcharit Parayan Centre and felt as if they are doing satsang in the macchindragad.

Thus the devotees got to experience the omnipresence of Saibaba and also his unique method of teaching the devotees even today after 100 years of his Mahasamadhi.

…………..Om Sairam


   (A trust to propagate the teachings, advice and instructions of Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi)


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