WHY A “GURU” IS NECESSARY? (A report Satsang on 17/02/2019)

When we have to do our duty, why a Guru is necessary? Was the question to be discussed in today’s Satsang. To find an answer to this question, devotees were reminded of the story found mentioned in the Saisatcharitra. It was the story of Damu anna. …. A Mumbai friend of Damu anna wrote to him that, they should do some cotton-speculation business in partnership, which would bring them about 2,00,000/- of rupees as profit. As Damu anna was a devotee of Baba, he wrote a detailed letter to Shama giving all the facts and requested him to consult Baba and take his advice in the matter. On reaching the letter at Shirdi, Shama read the letter and Baba heard it attentively and in reply told Shama to write to Damu anna that, he is not in favour of the business proposal. Accordingly Shama sent reply to Damu anna. After reading it he found that, all his hopes and prospects about lakhs of rupees as profit, were dashed to the ground. He thought that, he had done a mistake by consulting Baba. But as Shama has hinted in the reply he thought it was advisable to go to Shirdi and consult Baba personally about the affair. So he went to Shirdi. While shampooing Baba’s legs he thought in his mind that, it would be better if some share in the business should be assigned to Baba, and thought in his mind that if Baba were to help him in his deal, he would surrender some share of profits to him. And while he was thinking in this line, reading Damu anna’s mind, Baba openly spoke to him, “Bapu I do not want to be entangled in any such worldly things (sharing profits)”. On seeing Baba’s disapproval, Damu anna dropped the enterprise. The rise in the price of grain was kept up for some time but in a month or two there was abundant rain everywhere and the price suddenly fell down and therefore, those, who stored grains suffered a severe losses. Damu anna was saved from this fate. From this story, devotees got an idea as to why Guru is necessary in the life of the devotees. But devotees were informed that, BABA’s mission is to develop his devotees spiritually.

Baba has said “There are many ways of achieving desired goal in spiritual life. And one way starts from Shirdi also. The way is difficult. There are tigers and wolves in the jungles on the way. The guide (guru) will take you straight to your destination, avoiding wolves, tigers and ditches etc. on the way. If there be no guide, there is the danger of your being lost in the jungles or falling into ditches”. It is further informed in the satsang that, the place of saisatcharitra parayan is itself Shirdi and there cannot be slightest doubt about it. Therefore, there is one way from Sai Sadhana Center also which is leading us to the ultimate goal to be achieved by Sai devotees. Miss. Razvi was enjoying bliss of the Satsang for the first time, got her doubt cleared after attentively listening to what has been discussed in the Satsang. She said she was feeling dejected on account of one tragedy in her family. She lost faith in Baba and she went to the extent of arriving at the conclusion that, Baba does not exist at all. But when she heard in the Satsang that, Baba is our guide (GURU) to develop us spiritually and not to save the lives or fulfil our material wants only. Whatever that is happening in the life of a person, whether good or bad it is only because of his past merits and “Guru” cannot interfere in it”, her faith in Baba restored. Mr. Guru a singer devotee also narrated his experience. He said he along with Mr. Shekhar were preparing for Dindi to be performed during the anniversary celebration of Sai temple at Bethora. But they were not sure that they will get leave from their respective employer to remain present for the Dindi. Their anxiety reached the pick level when Mr. Guru joined his duty on the day of programme and there was no hope of granting leave or even leaving the duty early. Mr. Guru therefore enquired with Mr. Shekhar whether any alternate arrangements is possible, upon which he got pleasant surprise when he heard from Mr. Shekhar that, he got message from the office just a moment before Mr. Guru had  called him that, he has been granted two days leave and he need not join the duty that day. Mr. Guru also got the leave to leave the office early unexpectedly and both reached the temple well in time.


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