Sadgurus, like Sai Baba open our intellect and show us the divine beauty of the self. The sweet part of the Saisatcharita immerged from the discussion held in the Satsang on 10th Feb 2019 at Sai Sadhana Kendra, Raigini, Bandora.

Question asked was

Do we have guts to declare ourselves “SAI”?

Many devotees were aware of Baba’s utterance which they have read in Saisatcharita.

Baba has said…..

All the insects, ants, the visible, movable and immovable world, is my Body or Form”

“My abode is in your heart and I am within you”.

“See God in all beings”.

But devotees were not convinced fully that, devotee’s body is nothing but the form taken by Baba and there is no slightest deference between Baba and the devotees.Reason stated by the devotees for not accepting this fact was that a devotee commits mistakes whereas Baba is perfect.Therefore it is informed in the Satsang that, we do not realise the existence of Baba within us, only because of our ego. The moment ego vanishes, we reach the stage of self realisation i.e. devotee realise that, he is Sai (The God). It is also informed that, it is good to declare oneself “The God” (Sai).Once devotee declares it; he walks on the path shown by Sai and achieves the desired goal of life.It is only because Sai dwells in every human, he operates through the human beings. In the same Satsang, Devotees got to experience as to how Baba operates through the body of the devotee.

Mrs. Mitra Durbhatkar, the first time Satsanger was enjoying the bliss of the Satsang. She prayed to Baba saying “Baba I am your child. Please guide me in the life”. She further said that, a  moment after her prayer is over, a devotee  Mr. Guru requested Mrs. Neetal Borkar to sing a devotional song titled “Ugi Ugi Bala Ata radu nako re Tanullya ” and she sang it with devotion,  lyrics of which song was such that, Mrs Mitra Durbhatkar realise that, Baba is answering her prayer. While listening to the song she could not control her emotions and disclosed her experience in emotionally chalked voice after Satsang is over.

………Om Sairam


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