Over 600 devotees assembled at Satyanarayan Hall, Dhavali, Ponda-Goa, to express their love towards Sai and to understand Baba’s teachings and instructions with full devotion on 27 th January 2019. It was the day of twelth
anniversary of the spiritual organization Sai Sadhana Trust.

The celebration commenced with Sainamjapa, the process normally adopted by Sai Sadhaka’s in satsang to invite Saibaba and indeed, Baba arrived at the entrance of the hall in the form of Cow to bless the occasion.

A devotee got to experience Baba’s teaching “See God in all beings”

Then devotee’s paid obeisance to the God Ganesh to remove all the obstacles and make 12 th Anniversary celebration a success by performing Ganesh Vandana with a spectacular display of devotional art.

A book containing Baba’s nectar like words “Bol Sainche” released at the hands of the trustees and Mr. Prasad, Mrs. Hema and Mrs. Pooja who worked on book were also honored in the Sai Darbar at the hands of the vice president of the trust Mr. Shailendra Naik.

28 Saisatcharit Parayan centers have been opened all over Goa so far at the an initiative of the trust. Representatives of 15 Saisatcharit Parayan Centres were honored in Sai Darbar but in a unique manner. Blessed devotee’s who got Baba’s association and attained oneness with Baba namely Hemadpant, Kakasaheb Dixit, Nana Saheb Chandorkar, Das Ganu, Balasaheb Dev, Mhalsapati, Baijama, Laxmibai, Mrs. Khaparde and Radhakrishna Mai were escorted in the Darbar ceremonially to honour the representatives of Saisatcharit Parayan centers.

Baba’s Leela’s were presented in dramatized form to make the devotees understand for sure the Baba’s utterance, Audio of which played in the Darbar after each performance followed by narration of devotee’s experience in the

Goan folk dance Dhalo and Fugadi were performed by female devotees the lyrics of which composed by the devotees of Sai Sadhana centre Raingini keeping in mind Baba’s teachings in Saisatcharita. Blissful devotional dance on Sai also performed by female devotee’s.

Mr. Damu Naik spoke on behalf of all the representatives of Saisatcharit Parayan Centre in reply to the felicitation. And the show climaxed with all the performers joining in spectacular devotional dance “Dindi” in the middle of the Sai Darbar.

Miss. Tejal conducted felicitation ceremony whereas Mrs. Trupti, Miss. Tanisha and Mr. Akhil were the master of ceremony team.Many devotees have experienced the bliss of the celebration. Mr. PralhadShirodkar, a devotee of the Saisatcharit Parayan Centre, Balli, Salcete-Goa, narrated his experience after having enjoyed the bliss of the celebration. He said he was desperately in need of job to meet the household expenses of his growing firmly. He appeared for an interview of the job abroad but failed the medical test. For last more than twelve months, he used to take part in the satsang in parayan center at Balli without fail and also used to chant “Sainam” constantly. While returning home from the function a thought of having darshan in Sai temple at Borim crossed his mind. While entering the temple he prayed to Sai to help him in getting job. At that point of time priest in the temple after finishing , shejaarati removed one garland of the idol and gave it to one devotee who in turn gave it to Mr. Pralhad. For a moment he felt as if Baba has answered his prayer. On reaching home he got a phone call informing him that, he has been appointed as a store supervisor in an American company based in Afghanistan and the ticket has been already dispatched and asked to report on 02/02/2019.

…………..Om Sairam


(A trust to propagate the teachings, advice and instructions of Shri Sai Baba of

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